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Teen Services: VolunTeens

Teen Services for Young Adults Grades 6-12

Teen VolunTeens

VolunTeens @ GPL


VolunTeen Guidelines & Activities 


A VolunTeen must be between the ages of 12 and 19 to apply, qualify, and  gain community service hours as a volunteer at GPL.

In Case of Emergency

In case of sickness or an emergency a VolunTeen must contact or leave a message with Library staff if they were expected in and can’t make it.  Phone: 914-721-8224, or email

Contact With Your Supervisor

All communication about volunteering at GPL will be conducted through email, so be sure to check your email frequently for updates, volunteer hour opportunities, and shift assignments! If you change your email let us know.

Being late for volunteer hours is not acceptable. Being a VolunTeen means people are depending on you whether you are assisting running events at the library or completing projects. Be here on time or call ahead if you anticipate being late, are unable to attend, or in case of emergency.

Please dress appropriately for a public library. Shorts are okay but please do not wear swimsuits, bare bellies, bare feet, hats, or anything that would be inappropriate for school. Keep in mind that the library has a fluctuating temperatures so you may want to bring extra layers of clothing in case of extreme temperature differences.

Volunteer Duties
A VolunTeen may have a range of responsibilities and tasks that he or she will be assigned that may include: helping with events (advance preparation, setting up, breaking down etc.), edging books, shelf reading, and much more. A VolunTeen is not responsible for helping patrons find books, answering reference questions, or doing clerical or page duties done by paid professionals.

Keeping Track of Volunteer Time
A Volunteen is responsible for keeping track of all service hours and dates completed on his or her timesheet in the designated VolunTeen binder. When a volunteer completes their required hours it is the responsibility of the volunteer to inform the Volunteer Supervisor whether they are finished volunteering or want to continue.

Volunteer Badges
VolunTeens must wear GPL Volunteer Badges at all times when volunteering at or for the library.

Mobile Devices
Please  no use of cell phones (even texting), MP3 players, or other personal or electronic devices during volunteering unless you ask and are given permission in advance.

Ask For Help
Library staff is here to help you! If you have questions ASK! (We don’t bite)

Proof or service forms and letters must be requested by the volunteer, to their supervisor, well in advance of the due date. Forms can be completed, letters written, and certificates issues as proof of service if a VolunTeen needs one for school/honor society/church group, etc.

Teen Events

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